Monday, 21 February 2011

Spine team pages

train diagrams detailed

Above is a link to a really good website that has very detailed diagrams of electric locomotive trains, this i could use for content on my pages or use in artwork for the webpages.  i will play around with both.  I am not sure though how i could connect this with the nervous system.  I could maybe have a diagram of the nervous system layered on top? or have the two different diagrams and show the differences.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

drafts of designs for my individual pages

Here are some drafts of some designs for the website.  These will be used on my three pages for the human body website, where i will write about trains energy needs and how the nervous system is similar to trains travelling all around the world. i prefer the image on the top, this is because the tube map layered on the image looks like nervers or veins underneath the skin. I think this will look good with the design that we have set out for our pages.

simpler explanation


kids nervous system,

a bit deeper explanation

simple simple version (nervous system)

some good videos we said as a group that when we write information for our website project on the spine would be written aimed to kids. This is so it is readable for alot of people, and not to over complicate the subject. We want to find a line when we write our information to not to over complicate tye subjext but not to undermine the audience by writing too "dum". Here are a group of links to various sites explaining the subject of tye spine

A video of how trains work

video how trains work

How trains work

how trains work

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

public servie announcements THE SPINE TEAM

good sportsmanship  Really old style, i dont know if we want to go this old but still good

atomic bomb still old

cartoon style

atomic fallout

excalator safety 1970s films

rabies 1970s film

homosexuals  american old again

another one from 60s


food consumption

These are links to videos of public service announcements, for our 30 sec welcome video for the Spine teams website we said that we would create the video in the style of a public service announcment video these were popular to advertise knowledge about nuclear fallout in the u.s.a and in the uk over public health issues. I think these videos i have put links to in this post are good examples of these and now easy to access for future reference.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


 I finally got scott pilgrim on dvd and watched it last night, it was awesome.  It so good becasue of the interactive graphics in that that react to what the actors are doing.  The whole film is directed like a arcade game, with epic fights and battles which end in the loser turing into coins and scott pilgrim getting points and life ups.

The title sequence is amazing and one of my favourites ive seen in a while, these include stranger than fiction and catch me if you can. Below is the inspiration for the title sequence by norman mclaren who drew on a role of film and made it into an animation.


This is the actual film title sequence, notice the similarity to the mclaren video and the graphics that look like they react to the sound of the instruments.

Below is a link to someones version of the title sequence which is the best one i have seen out of all of the attempts, the film has been adapted from a graphic novel, which is why it involves a comic strip
someones own version of title sequence