Tuesday, 25 January 2011

interesting video SUBISM

SUBISM The bit that really stood out for me was the bit where the creator of subism was explaining why he created it. this was because his thinking of how all of the street artists work would be viewed in the future really made me think. Its like the famous case of the artists work only becoming famous and expensive when they die. The curse of the artist not being able to enjoy the bounty of his work. Of course an era is only names towards the end of the era, after names being thrown about and then one being settled on just through the normality of one word being thrown around. Is it best to not think about what you are producing when you are working OR rather to think about how your work will be seen in the future?

Saturday, 22 January 2011


NOTHING MORE SAID. Here is a link to a kinetic typography group on a video site called vimeo. I think looking at other peoples kinetic videos, will inspire me to create more interesting work. Most of these videos have been created in after effects, so theres nothing that cannot be reproduced if i wanted to do it. It also gives u a judge of what other people are doing in the industry, seeing another persons work can make u more reflective on your own work.

Here is my finished kinetic typography for the sky atlantic advert.

Here is my video for the advert for dustin hoffman for the new sky atlantic advert.  I had the tv on in the background and heard this advert.  I didnt want to miss suck an oppertunity to use such a good actors strong voice so i decided to maek this.  This took me an outrageous amount of time, so long that i thought that i was going to have to give up on it, because using after effects is sooo damn hard.  But i have come away with the feeling that i am going to do future project using after effects and i will get better.  I felt bad when i was using it, just because it was such a foreign program to me, to solve this i need to go away watch video tutorials of people using after effects and learn to work quicker and more creatively.

first five minutes of the postman always rings twice


The Postman always rings twice

Started research on the book cover project and found an intro to the old version of the book film adaption, and then stumbled across someone who had updated the titles of the film updated titles. I have also attached the trailer of the film here above.  i think looking at these old clips and watching the film will hopefully start the idea process. 

I have also found this website which is the website for the russian bestsellers in catagories, which will be helpful to look at to get the style of russian contemporary design.


Tuesday, 18 January 2011


After learning the basics of after effects i went back on it the other day to  continue my ongoing animation but nothing was animating.  This left me confused and annoyed.  But after many hours of clicking and researching i found out that i had simply not clicked a button that needed clicking to animate the camera about the Null object.  I over came a problem by research and patience on the matter.  At least now i know how to solve the problem if it occurs again.

after effects tutorials

AFTER EFFECTS TURORIALS The best site ever for after effects tutorials.  I have started to create an  kninetic typography piece using the soundtrack from the new advert for SKY atlantic.  This may seem like a strange choice but the monlogue dustin hoffman does offer the music by cinematic orchestra to make a home i find really inspiring. 

Thursday, 13 January 2011

stop motion tshirt war

I like the inventiveness of this piece of stop motion. It has a charm about it aswell, witht he sound effects from the mouth and the playfulness.  I would like to create something like this

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Fibre optics for website

here are some links for the internet body project, i want to compare the spine and the central nervous system, to fibre optics n how they run underground much like the nerves in the body.







Every one has a phone now with internet on it, which is if yo think about it it likes the millions of synapses throughout your boday.  If you imagine there was a beam of light upwards in the sky from every device which had internet on it and could communicate through that, zooming out, you would see  millions of lights.  Clouds of dots that all add up to the workings of the internet.

Kinetic typography

I have done some research on the best software to create kinetic typography and animations like the one in my last post and i have found that it is Adobe After Effects.  This is the software that is used to create such innovative animation that i have been posting.  I have brought the software and have found a tutorial on how to use it.


Friday, 7 January 2011

Another animation using images, music and typography to get a point across whilst drawing you in

I like the style of this, as it involves kinetic typography the use of music that draws you in and images to get the point across.  At the end of the film it ends out to be an advert for an artile in the new national geographic magazine.  A clever piece of marketing  and a lovely piece of media that affectively draws one in.

I will research what software they used to create this and will find a topic to do a similar thing.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

One if my stop motion animation

So i finally got round to shooting and editing a animation.  I did it along with the song "last leaf" by OKGO.  I wanted to create something that had style and thought behind it.  I am pleased with the outcome as i think it does the song justice.  The only bit that i think could be improved is that i could of shot it with the camera on a tripod as that would have made the animation smoother.  Although i think the jolty quality if the animation adds to it.

If i shot it again i would find something more interesting of make the sequence more detailed where theres a guitar solo. As i feel the leaf falling gets a bit repetitive.